S3E Engineers has provided design engineering services on a variety of broadcast projects ranging from studio design to troubleshooting and repairing existing systems.

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Black Entertainment Television
Washington, DC

The BET campus includes a six story 80,000 SF headquarters building and several production buildings. Other S3E projects include the BET Production Facility, which converted an abandoned 55,000 SF meat packing facility into two large TV and film production studios, and the renovation of the standby power system.

Burlington, Vermont

A study was performed of the existing facilities to address noise and cooling problems in the studio. Multiple conceptual designs developed, priced, and presented for implementation.

CNN Washington Bureau
Washington, DC

Renovation of the news and production rooms.

Canadian Broadcasting Company / Australian Broadcasting Company
Washington, DC

The project included a TV studio, three radio studios, production support, and staff offices.

Future Vision
Asbury Park, New Jersey

5000 SF building on a tower site provides down link TV signals from three dish antennas and patch signals to telephone lines for local distribution.

WBUD-AM / WKXW-FM Radio Broadcast Studio
Hamilton, New Jersey

9000 SF production building, transmission building, and transmission tower on a rural site.

WAVA-FM 105.1 XM Satellite Radio
Rosslyn, Virginia

XM satellite radio facilities for this prominent radio station in Roslyn, VA including converting office space into sound proof on-air facilities.