S3E Engineers is well experienced infrastructure projects and utilities distribution. Our projects range from repairs of existing systems, upgrades, replacements, and new campus systems and distribution loops.

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U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine

The electrical system includes dual 13.8kVA feeders from the utility with automatic switching. The feeder supports 2000 KVA transformers at both the main three-story laboratory building and the utility building, each with primary selective switching. The project includes a 400kW generator for code-required emergency power needs and two 1,000kW standby generators capable of acting in parallel with the utility company for peak shaving.

Department of Energy
Germantown, Maryland

Replacement of 15 KV switchgear with vacuum circuit breakers, a tie-breaker, and a centralized monitoring and control system. The project included a short circuit and overprotective device coordination study for the entire primary and secondary distribution system.

Utility Metering Study
Fort Myer, Virginia and Fort McNair, Washington DC

Campus wide review of utilities including power distribution including recommendations and associated cost estimates for over 100 buildings.

National Archives Building
Washington, DC

Addition of three 13.2/208-120 KV primary network transformers equipped with network protectors and connections to existing 15 KV switchgear. Replacement and renovation of four existing 4000A switchboards. Replacement and renovation of the feeders and panel boards for the entire building.

Washington National Cathedral
Washington, DC

Primary electrical distribution upgrade including removal of existing 4160 volt primary distribution system and installation of a new 15KV distribution system. The project included a new double ended 15KV outdoor switchboard, replacement of transformers, enlarging and replacement of transformer vaults, pad mounted transformers, new manholes, conduits, concrete encased duct banks, secondary distribution and reconnection, and installation of centralized sub-metering system.